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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

13th Rant: The Federal Tax System (Part 2)

The deadline for filing the Income Taxes is in 2 days. If the Fair Tax (H.R. 25) proposed by Congressman John Linder and talked about by Neal Boortz, were to be passed April 15th would just be another beautiful Spring day and one in which we do not have to worry about giving our taxes to the Federal Government. I had received a canned letter from Senator Bill Nelson of Florida, and it seems to me that he is not leaning one way or the other on the Fair Tax. I am suspicious that many Senators and COngressmen feel the same way. We need to do more to tell our Senators and Congressmen that we need the Fair Tax implemented imediately. Think about this: Would you rather have 100% of the money YOU earned, or would you rather the Government have the Government take YOUR hard-earned money away?

Read here about the paycheck and how it will be affected by the implementation of the Fair Tax.

For more on the Fair Tax, here are a few websites I found:
The Homepage for Americans for Fair Taxation (The group behind the Fair Tax)
A Fair Tax Proponent's website
A Blog that has everything you want to know about the Fair Tax