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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Other McCain: Moonbat Edition

Normally I would not have a special section for The Other McCain blog entries, positing them in my news aggregate, but this is just too priceless, especially considering the many moonbats that Robert Stacy McCain has to contend with on a daily basis.


Mystery in #FreeKate Case: What Does Kaitlyn Hunt’s BFF Julia Gilmore Know?

Mama: #FreeKate Is Being Treated Like a Real Criminal at Indian River County Jail!

#FreeKate? Local Teen Says Kaitlyn Hunt Was ‘Bully … Calling Me an Ugly Dyke’

Reminder: #FreeKate’s Father ‘Pressured a Victim Not to File a Battery Charge’

Shocking: #FreeKate’s Father Conspires to Shut Down This Blog: ‘Media Blackout’

#FreeKate Comic Interlude

Shocking Claim: #FreeKate’s Mother Is ‘Cool Mom,’ in the Very Worst Way

Media Covers for #FreeKate While Her Supporters Attack the Victim’s Parents

More #FreeKate Arguments: Want to Let Heather Wirth-Dalager Babysit Your Kids?

Kaitlyn Hunt’s Lawyer, Having Failed Her Client, Now Scapegoats the Prosecution

UPDATE: Kaitlyn Hunt’s Bond Revoked; Evidence ‘Overwhelming,’ Judge Says

Kaitlyn Hunt Back in Jail

Is Obstruction of Justice, Like Dildo Sex With 14-Year-Olds, ‘Healthy and Normal’?

You’re Accused: ‘Vengeance, Spite, Fear, Denial, Sadness, Insecurity, Whatever’

Poster for #FreeKate Movie: Revealed!


Barrett Brown Inspires a Bizarre Campaign for Douchebag Rights

Barrett Brown’s Overblown Ego

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It’s the Weekend

And here is The News to keep you up to date

Also, check out The Layfield Report, InstaPundit, Breitbart, and Drudge for more news

In case you missed it, here is the news for Thursday. Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday

Smitty just reported that Mary Katherine Ham had given birth a couple of weeks ago. Happy birthdate to lil Georgia Hammer (8-11-13). At least it is a better baby name than North West born to Kanye!

Smitty also reported on an ad that Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cucchinelli had made in tribute to Anthony Perkins

Robert Stacy McCain and Ali Akbar were on the radio again talking about Kaitlyn Hunt (whom I had posted all articles about her and other moonbats in another blog post) and Bradley, er, Chelsea Manning

Robert Stacy McCain and Ali Akbar were also on the radio talking about #FreeKate, Michael Hastings, Barrett Brown, the NSA and Power…

Being in Florida, I did not know about this, and am a little upset by it

As I am on Medicare, I have to give a f/t to Smitty for lettine me know about the expansions to Medicare coming up

Robert Stacy McCain shows us the possible in-depth lives of Government School Teachers out of the classroom

And we have another Democrat exposed as a liar, but is that not normal? Also, is not liar another synonym for Democrat?

Robert Stacy McCain has another post on his hatred of Brad, er, Chelsea Manning and even Ali Akbar chimed in as well with a blog post

As always, the ever lovable Wombat Socho enlightens us with his FMJRA 2.0 and Rule 5 posts of the week

The Wombat Socho also gives us a dose of Space Opera

In addition to The Other McCain, there has been news posted elsewhere as well

f/t to Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor for her MAGNIFICENT op-ed entitled Fast track Hasan to his 72 virgins and be done with it

f/t to Craig Andresen of The National Patriot for his Weekend Edition post entitled Ft. Hood – Consequences of Political Correctness

f/t to Becca Lower of Lowering the Boom for doing just that to anyone bashing Robert Stacy McCain

Becca also has a good Rule 5 post

And Becca also Lowers the Boom on the #FreeKate Bizarro World 

And for your musical selection, Becca chose The Jesus and Mary Chain

W.J.J. Hoge of Hogewash continues to entertain us with his Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering and Team Kimberlin Posts of the day

And as if that is not enough, Mr. Hoge is rolling out the #Cabin Boy post of the Day modeled after “Cabin Boy” Bill “The Walrus” Schmalfeldt

And Mr. Hoge also provides a Preview of Coming Attractions in court cases involving him and Schmalfeldt

f/t to Bob Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints for his post on James Woods tweeting not to let the World War 2 vet die without anyone caring

Bob also gives an update on a wonderful blogger named Zilla Stevenson, who operates Zilla of the Resistance.

f/t to Pete Ingemi of Da Tech Guy Blog for an innovative way to expand readerships and help fill other bloggers' tip jars

And that is all the news that is news for today. Follow me on Twitter (@RickBulow1974) for more interesting news and also an announcement for an upcoming show I have. I will also be announcing it on Red, Right, and Blue today at 1:30 PM Eastern over at Own The Narrative. Also, feel free to help out a Capitalist and hit the tip jar.

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