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Saturday, August 03, 2013

It’s the Weekend

And here’s The News to keep you up to date

Also, check out Drudge, InstaPundit, The Layfield Report, and Breitbart for more mews

Here is Wombat Socho with 21 more books to read this summer

I will be discussing more about this on my show today, but Robert Stacy McCain has a short and simple write-up on the Chattanooga Times Free-Press firing their editor over an anti-Obama headline

In Anthony Weiner loses the New York City Mayoral election, at least he always has a second career

*hits liberal upside the head* I don’t think so. Stacy don't play that

Day after day, Andrew Breitbart is vindicated, and Robert Stacy McCain had given us the latest in that regards

I think the reason “Baghdad” Debbie Wassermann Schultz (aka #DumbDeb, #DitzyDebbie, #BaghdadDebbie and #KennyGWithBreasts) likes San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is because she has not been groped by him like the others have been

And Charlie Rangel proves how idiotic Democrat Politicians are once more

Robert Stacy McCain asks the all important question: “can anyone REALLY block the entire internet?

Please get better Caleb Howe

In addition to The Other McCain, there is news broadcast elsewhere on the internet

f/t to Craig Andresen of The National Patriot for his Weekend Edition entry entitled Benghazi - The War on Truth

f/t to Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor for her op-ed entitled Cowering before the enemy thanks to Obama

Diane also has two op-eds yesterday on how ObamaCare can be stopped and also on why Congress is looking the other way in regards to Benghazi

Aaron Walker over at Allergic to Bull has a wonderful expose on Brett Kimberlin doing everything “for the kids

f/t to W.J.J. Hoge of Hogewash for his Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering and Team Kimberlin posts of the day

f/t to Becca Lower of Lowering the Boom for a hilarious picture from Jake Tapper of CNN (and aspiring soap star)

Bob Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints has a very interesting article on leftist demons and right wing fools

Don’t forget to tune in to Own The Narrative for two wonderful shows. First, I kick things off with Red, Right, and Blue today at 1:30 PM Eastern, and then at 11 PM Eastern there will be a very exciting episode of MatchCon with Gary B and Shelly Eaton of The Army You Have on panel.

And that’s all the news that is news for today. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@RickBulow1974) for more news and quirky replies.

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