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Friday, June 22, 2012

45th Rant: A vote for any but Romney is a vote for Obama

Apparently it seems like after I had presented a thought out argument on March 24, 1012 and continued it on March 31, 2012 where I spoke out AGAINST voting for a third party, it seems SOME PEOPLE still speak on voting third party even AFTER I had provided LOGICAL MATH AND HISTORY AGAINST IT! So let me reiterate one more time


In other words, you are either ALL IN FOR OBAMA  or you are ALL IN FOR ROMNEY! If you sit at home or vote for anyone else then it is a throwaway vote for Obama. I hear many of you say that is impossible but it is so true. We need look no further than 1992 when Ross Perot hindered the People from 4 more years of George H.W. Bush. Had Perot not have run, I feel Bush 41 would have won because most of the Perot votes were AGAINST Bush. This election the third party votes sway AGAINST Romney and are FOR Obama.

Don’t believe me? Well try this out. Take two cups and label one Republican and one Democrat. Then take a third cup and label it Other (for Write-IN, No-Vote, or Third Party) and place it next to the other two. Now put 50 pennies in that cup for those who do not vote. Place 500 pennies in the other two cups. If you take even ONE PENNY from the Republican OR the Democrat cup right off the bat for a write-in or a third party vote, that cup has 499 while the other cup has 500. Therefore, you have one cup with more pennies. Therefore, you have in a sense removed one person’s chances of winning. The only way for that person to have a chance of winning (or if the one cup wants to have more pennies) is if you take one of the 50 pennies from that third cup and put it in the cup that has 499.

To put it into a historical perspective, look at the map from 1992 for another example. Bill Clinton had 44,909,806 votes and George H.W. Bush had 39,104,550 votes. Now Ross Perot (the only viable third party candidate on the ballot as the others were crumb bums and shoe clerks) had 19,743,821 votes. With the close margin Clinton won over Bush (six million voters or so) those 20 million votes Perot siphoned away from Bush would have been enough to give Bush a second term. Also, it is interesting to note the Electoral Vote count. Clinton had 370 electoral votes to Bush’s 168. If you look, Perot and the other third party candidates had NO ELECTORAL VOTES so they did not make much of an electoral difference but they did as far as the popular votes go.

If based on those two examples you still feel that a third party or a write in vote is the way to go, then you are voting for Obama. Allow me to posit these two quotes from former Red, Right, and Blue Co-Host Harriet Baldwin:

  • Let me be clear: This is the MOST important election in our lifetimes. We MUST get behind the nominee-whoever it may be. A vote for ANY "third party candidate" is a vote for The Fraud aka Barack Hussein Obama. You are either with America or against America. Voting for Third Party or sitting on your sorry azz is unaccepatable.
  • Get involved. Get informed. COMMUNICATE. This "Third Party" talk is FINE after 2012. Not now. Imagine what this America-hating Usurper will do as a Lame Duck? Give me a break. End of America.
  • IF we do not vote for Mitt Romney in November, then this WILL be our future during an Obama second term

    I do not know about you, but the opening lyrics to this song sum up the 2012 presidential election:

    This election, there’s no room in the middle, no room on the fence. There’s no room in the middle it doesn’t make sense. You are either all in for Obama or all in for Romney, and as Andrew Breitbart had said at CPAC back in February, “If you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with that candidate (in this case Romney), more than shame on you. You’re on the other side.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, we need to save America, and the only one to do it is Romney. Any other vote this election is a vote for Obama which is the same thing as a vote against America.

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