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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It’s a Tumultuous Tuesday

And here comes The News

ICYMI, here is yesterday’s version of The News

Also check out InstaPundit and The Layfield Report for more news if you need that news fix

Robert Stacy McCain hits the nail on the head when he says that Democrats hate us more than we hate them

Also on The Other McCain, Smitty has the truth about former Republican Representative and current MSNBC tool Joe Scarborough

h/t to Donald Douglas of American Power Blog for his piece on We the Government

Yesterday was the public fanboying over Obama for the second time. While I had it on in the background, I did not pay all that much attention to it, but do see that others had.

For you sports fans, it is that time that bracketologists love: Forecasting the 68 teams for March Madness

Now that Ray Lewis’ last game will be Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 3, where does his curtain call rank?

This year, the Super Bowl is also known as the Harbaugh Bowl

ICYMI, here is this past Saturday’s episode of Red, Right, and Blue. Don’t forget this coming Saturday as I will be interviewing AJ Reissig, author of the wonderful book Escape to Freedom. We will also take your calls and (very possibly) have a giveaway of his book live on the air as well. Be sure not to miss it this Saturday at 1:30 PM Eastern on

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