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Saturday, October 27, 2012

60th Rant: This election and the war on Coal

My friend Glen Brown had written a very interesting post which pretty much sums up this election and also the War on Coal. So good in fact, that just to keep it in the shadows is not right. Here it is (typos included)

ya know..I have been thinking... What is the use.. of green energy...and protecting the enviroment...if we are the only country that does it? seems to me to be a talking point that really has no basis.. most of the green energy thats talked nowhere near developed enough to really make a difference. Coal Moners have worked for decades in this country.. and helped keep this country moving. I think the War on Coal by the EPA is unfounded..and stupid.
As to the Election.. I think that alot of us are tired of promises.. tired of commercials.. and tired of working our butts off only to hand our money to the government. Social issues be damned. Obama is still the only president in US History to encounter a recession and NOT put a cap on fuel prices. Add that to outright lies..deceiving the American people, and doing his best to try to be a movie star rather than a president.. and that pretty much sums up everything. I'm not a big fan of Romney..but we have had 4 years of watching Obama sit in office and make decisions that have hurt our economy, driven costs of everything up.. and made it harder for the average american to survive. He screams he is for the middle can that be.. when he is regualting things so baddly..its non existant?

What Glen said is so very true indeed. Coal Miners have worked in America for decades and could keep this country moving. In fact, as one Herman Cain had said when he was running for President we have our own natural resources (coal, oil, natural gas) right here in the United States, but it does us no good just keeping it in the ground while letting the other resource-rich countries leap ahead of us in resource production.

With the exception of a few people, none of us had Mitt Romney as our first choice. In fact, he was my third choice behind Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. But ladies and gentlemen he is the ONLY choice we have if we want to get Obama OUT of office. We have 10 days to do whatever we can to make it happen, and right now it looks good for our side, with Gallup having Romney up 6 points among likely voters and tied with Obama among registered voters; Rasmussen Reports also has Romney up 4 points among likely voters. We need to do whatever we can to keep the edge going for Romney.

As I had mentioned many times in the past, Atlas is shrugging right now with the weight of the world he is bearing which Obama had added onto the past 4 years. Romney is the only one right now, October 27, 2012, to take some if not all of the weight off of Atlas and make it more manageable until the next election.