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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It’s a Wild Wednesday

And here is The News to keep you in the know

Also, check out Drudge, InstaPundit, The Layfield Report, and Breitbart for more news.

And in case you missed it, here is the news from Monday and yesterday

h/t to Robert Stacy McCain for his fitting tribute to Margaret Thatcher

And here is a wonderful piece on leftist moonbattery and the trolls who practice it

New to journalism? Well here is a wonderful tip from Robert Stacy McCain

And as always, The Other McCain delves into a bad idea from one of Brett Kimberlin’s flunkies

And here is the latest in The World's Youngest Blogger series

In addition to The Other McCain, there has been news on other sites

Hogewash says that apparently Team Kimberlin is selling Brett Kimberlin underpants

I have to give a tip of the fedora to W.J.J. Hoge for spearheading the Everyone Blog about Howard County (MD) State’s Attorney Day. While I had not participated in it myself, I liked seeing others join in and try to get the County Attorney to set the record straight on his infamous words.

h/t to Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor for her op-ed entitled Get ready for 'Knife Control'

h/t to Craig Andresen of The National Patriot for his entry titled Is Gun Control a Distraction? LOOK, a SQUIRREL!!!

h/t to The Lonely Conservative for her entry Everybody Hates Obama’s Budget But Lindsey Graham

h/t to Kyle Becker for his pieces on Independent Journal Review. Among the most recent ones are as follows:

h/t to Becca Lower of Lowering The Boom for her article on the New york mayor’s race entitled Shorter NYT Magazine: Weiner seriously considering Mayoral run, but is less of a douchebag now

And speaking of Becca Lower, she will be cohosting a special edition of TB-TV on Own The Narrative tonight.

There are a lot of wonderful shows on Own The Narrative this week as well. Coming up this weekend is my show (Red, Right, and Blue) on Saturday at 1:30 PM Eastern, followed by Truth Serum with Gerald Harrison at 4 PM Eastern. Then there will be MatchCon at 10 or 11 PM Eastern. And for all you listenerds out there (h/t to Becca Lower) there is PWN the Narrative every other Sunday at 11 PM Eastern.

Well, the Road to WrestleMania is over for this year with WrestleMania 29 this past Sunday. However, the stage has been set for WrestleMania 30 with the inevitable question: Will The Undertaker continue his WrestleMania winning streak after beating CM Punk to go 21-0?

If you missed any of WrestleMania, you can find the following below:

And Monday Night Raw was very raucous and interesting, as the Raw right after WrestleMania should be. It was interesting not because of what happened in the ring, but in all actuality what took place outside the ring, with the crowd getting more involved than usual for a Raw or even a Smackdown.

That is all the news that is news for now. Follow me on Twitter (@RickBulow1974) for more articles and also some other interesting tweets. And if you like what you read or have any suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments or on my Twitter or Facebook via private message.

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