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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In this world there is nothing certain…

…except death, taxes, and The News.

h/t to Patricia Baber: Chris Matthews compares GOP to Hitler

Still think ObamaCare is not harmful to your pocketbook? Katie Pavich on Five New ObamaCare Taxes Coming January 1

From the Boortz Files: Black leaders are growing increasingly worried that a white candidate might seize the seat of Jesse Jackson in the upcoming Illinois special election.

And here is a little #IntellectualPorn from the great Thomas Sowell: The role genes play in IQ scores

and if one Sowell posting was good, how about another? This time his take on the assumptions, fallacies and falsehoods which constitute the liberal vision of the economy.

The meeting that 3 GOP Senators had with Ambassador Susan Rice yesterday yielded more concerns than questions

And a #BaghdadDebbie update: Kenny G Wasserman Schultz (h/t Neal Boortz) is going to stick around as the DNC chief for another two years.

Who is considering and is not running for the 2014 U.S Senate Seat in Georgia currently held by Saxby Chambliss?

A Be On the Look Out alert: Sandra Fluke auctions a one hour strategy session for $20

Based on reading this, should we put out an All Points Bulletin for our very own Robert Stacy McCain?

While we did not see the end of the Obama era happen November 6, yesterday we DID see the end of the Tony Katz Weekday Show Era for a time, times, and half a time. (Not to worry, as the KatzManDu will still be engaging the conversation Saturdays at 6 PM Eastern, 5 PM Central, 3 PM Pacific, on 97.1 Talk FM out of St. Louis Missouri)

And here is your Rule 5 post of the day: Women in porn are more spiritual and have higher self esteem than the typical woman 


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