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Thursday, December 13, 2012

No matter what the weather is outside…

the internet is always hot with The Other McCain bringing The News

h/t to The Other McCain for giving us a scare into the future

And Pope Benedict is leaping into the 21st century by getting into the Twitterverse

And speaking of the the Pontiff joining Twitter, here is FourTier Strategies’ own John LaRosa with a little post from 2009 on What Jesus would tweet

Steven Crowder continues to provoke thought and speaks out against the Union Thuggery in Michigan; first on Fox & Friends yesterday morning then on Hannity last night

Here is a piece from John LaRosa in 2010 on the facts of what the Tea Party is. Had you seen any of those characteristics in the Unions in Michigan or (even better) anywhere else?

h/t to Liz Harrison on her piece in regards to “If you are asking if your tweets are illegal, you are doing it wrong!

h/t to Donald Douglas for a continuation to his piece on The Blogger's Rules for Defeating LiberalsDon't call them Liberals but Leftists

h/t to Becca Lower of Lowering the Boom for her piece on “Moonbats in the Media

h/t to the Barracuda Brigade for the article on Harry Belafonte showing his true colors

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The Twelve Days of Christmas - Southwest Florida Style


12DaysOfChristmasSWFLAOn The News-Press Facebook Page, there was a wonderful post on Tuesday which people were asked to come up with their versions of the Twelve Days of Christmas. These were the three posted on the page (the final two of which were considered for print in The News-Press today) 


From ScottandLaura BL:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve Everblades Games,
Eleven Norman Love Chocolates,
Ten Broadway Palm Shows,
Nine hours fishing,
Eight games of Red Sox,
Seven gators swimming,
Six shells from Sanibel,
Five rounds of golf,
Four nights on Captiva,
Three snook a biting,
Two Miracles tickets,
And a heron in a palm tree!

From Danny D-boy Davis:

12 fisherman fishing
11 dolphins jumping
10 parasailers
9 ladies tanning
8 miles of traffic
7 tourist swimming
6 Seagals squawking
5 oooo'clock somewhere
4 sand castles
3 um-brellas
2 sea Turtles
And a pelican in a palm tree

From Lisa Sobon Martin (the one printed in the paper):

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me - 12 Snowbirds Driving, 11 Sea Turtles Nesting, 10 Spring Break Partiers, 9 Tanners Tanning, 8 Months of A/C, 7 Miles of Traffic, 6 Months of Hurricanes, 5 Traffic Lights per Mile, 4 Speed Boats Racing, 3 Football Teams, 2 Joggers Jogging and a Green Parrot in a Royal Palm

I will be monitoring the page, and if any others are posted, I will place them here in other entries.

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