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Saturday, November 10, 2012

62nd rant: The death of America and who is to blame


Someone had posted the following quote on my wall a couple of days after the election on Tuesday, and it is oh so very true

IN MEMORIUM: The United States, 236, of America, died at 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she was the daughter of George and Martha Washington. She has been a light, and inspiration, to the masses who have embraced her open arms, seeking freedom and liberty. She was a beacon of hope, to the oppressed of the world. She was non-denominational, but could be heard whispering, "In God We Trust." She was an artist that enjoyed painting picturesque mountains and flowing fields of grain, landscapes and wildlife of all kinds. She encouraged everyone who visited, to enjoy and engage in her favorite activities; gardening, sewing, quilting, planting flowers, and cooking her many ethnic dishes. In her younger years she was an avid explorer and pioneer. She is survived by countless children of all ages, devastated by her untimely passing. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by untold patriots and great armies that have protected her blessed name and dedicated spirit. Friends of Miss Liberty are asked to share her legacy and pray for her deliverance.

Now, as far as who to blame for Romney's loss Tuesday which evidently led to the death of America, I think we ought to lay the blame on the three groups that deserve it.(WARNING: graphic language ahead)

1.) The Occupy movement: Yes I know they are not around in as full of a force as they were this time last year, but they were the major lynchpin in the downfall of America.
2.) The third party HACKS: If it were not for the third party candidates like Virgil Goode, Roseanne Barr, Jill Stein and more importantly Gary FUCKING Johnson I think Mitt Romney would have won the election. Here in Florida, Romney is losing (as the count is still going on) by 64,185 votes. Had the third party candidates (who combined had 68,576 votes with Gary Johnson grabbing 44,418 votes) voted for Romney, then he would have won Florida outright. Hell, I think it would have ben the same in the other states as well.

3.) The voting electorate as a whole. In 2009 a video had first been floated about where people who had voted for Obama (who ranged in ages from 18 - 80) were asked simple, basic questions about who was in charge of our nation, who Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were, and other questions about politics that a 5th fucking grader should know, and they had no motherfucking clue on ANY of them! Take a look at this video ( is the link to the 10 minute video) and you will see what I mean.

I know there are others who deserve it as well, but these three groups I mentioned deserve the brunt of it and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. When I say this, I do not mean prosecuted in an actual court but rather in the court of public opinion, where it rightfully belongs.

And while I am at it, can we all agree that TRENDS and OMENS are irrelevant? As I went to get the paper on Wednesday (and also walk into a tree with my fist in the process) I was thinking about the following trends and omens we had on our side this election:
1.) EVERY election held on November 6 since Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 had gone to the Republicans
2.) The last 3 Governors to be nominated to run v incumbent Presidents have won.
3.) The last 3 times incumbent Presidents have lost, they were defeated by a Governor.
4.) The University of Colorado prognostication
5.) The Redskin Rule (Where there is a high correlation between the outcome of the last Washington Redskins home football game prior to the U.S. Presidential Election and the outcome of the election: when the Redskins win, the incumbent party wins the electoral vote for the White House; when the Redskins lose, the non-incumbent party wins. See for more)
I know there are other trends and omens that I had also heard somewhere but do not know them right off the top of my head.
ALL of them got tossed out the window thanks to Obama and the joke of an election!

Herman Cain had said that stupid people are ruining America, and he is oh so correct. Stupid people ARE ruining America, and we have seen it come out in full force not only in the presidential election, but also in a few of the senate races as well.

The question now we have to consider is what we need to do about it. The answer will be posited in future blog entries.

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