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Saturday, January 19, 2013

72nd Rant: An Open Letter to the Haters

I have picked up a lot of haters in my 38 years of being vertical and walking the earth. However, over the past three years that I had decided to actively blog about politics (as opposed to passively blog now and then) they had come out of the woodwork. Many would think that because I am a Conservative that it would come from the Liberals, but that is not the case. Roughly 95% of the haters had come from those who call themselves Conservative. The following goes out to them on behalf of myself and a few close friends:

Dear haters and other douchenozzles,

It is because of you and your egotistical bullshit that we are 24 – 48 hours from the coronation of Barack Obama. While I understand we each had different candidates through the Primaries, when Romney had the nomination all locked up in April we should have put our differences aside and supported him as the candidate to go up against Obama in November. However, that was not the case as had been mentioned on Red, Right, and Blue as well as this very blog on several occasions. Thanks to you, the Left had controlled the narrative and that led to Obama winning the White House for 4 more years.

Many of you had said that “a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama because they both believe the same thing.” I had disproven that as well because we had all seen how Obama hates America in many ways, more recently with the executive orders he signed this past Wednesday tightening gun control. On the other hand, if you had heard Romney with an open mind then you would know that he loves America and would do all he could in order to make this the best country on the earth.But you would not see that through your rose-colored glasses. We lost the White House not because of WHO we ran or HOW we ran, but rather because we were not a solid unit. Now, because we were not a solid unit, you better be prepared to see all that the Founding Fathers fought, bled, and died for crumble and America as we know it go to hell in a handbag even faster. I told you this is exactly what would happen, but you were so bull-headed that you could not see an inch from your own face.

I know you had told me to go back to my blog because I know nothing. I also know that you had told a few conservative BlogTalk Radio show hosts to get off the air and you have bragged that you ran off a couple of others. Well, you had not run us off but rather we are bigger and better than ever before. In the immortal words of Katy Abram to Arlen Specter, you have awakened a sleeping giant. We WILL NOT be denied. You might have run us off of BlogTalk Radio but you have NOT silenced us. We own the narrative because it is not just a fancy saying or something that can be turned off like a light switch. Rather, it is a way of life, something that is in us every second of our lives, and we are determined to make your lives a living hell the only way we know how. You might think that you have silenced us, but instead you have made our drive to take back America that much more in the fore. We are bound and determined to own and control the narrative. Whatever narrative we do not have, we will do all we can to take the narrative away from the liberals and also you haters. You are no better than the liberals. In fact, and I speak for myself on this, you are ALL liberals in my eyes!


Richard P. (Rick) Bulow

A REAL American fighting for what’s right

I do not know about you, but the haters and douchenozzles had only given me more incentive to got to #WAR and ensure that I can do all I can to save this nation in 2014 and beyond. While the past is behind us, I will do all I can to learn from it and move ahead so as not to let the past repeat itself.

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