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Saturday, November 03, 2012

61st rant: Even after the election, our work is not done

For many people, the only time they worry about politics is only from the week before to the year before Election Day. They feel that all they have to do is vote and that is it, but is it really? Is there more to politics than just voting?

The answer is that politics is more than just a one phase operation. Sure voting is a part of it, but it is not the only thing. The other part is holding the politicians’ feet to the fire. And one way to that is by checking out The People’s Vote. Chuck Kirkpatrick and DariaAnne DiGiovanni are the two purveyors of the site which seeks to keep the elected politicians – whether it is national, state, or local – honest by giving the people a voice in bills and issues on the legislative docket. And with the current presidential election, the call to hold the politicians’ feet to the fire is needed now more than ever. If Obama wins the White House for a second term and the Republicans win the Senate and keep the House, we need to keep the Republicans in line by telling them to not give in to anything Obama does which bypasses Congress. Conversely, if Romney wins the White House and the Republicans win the House and keep the Senate, then we need to keep the Republicans in line by telling them to hold Romney to many if not all of the promises he had made regarding the repeal of ObamaCare.

This election is VERY WELL the most important election of our lifetime in the fact that if Obama wins a second term, then America as we know it will cease to exist if we do not hold Congress’ feet to the fire. In order for America to remain the best country in the world, both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue should be held accountable.