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Saturday, September 29, 2012

55th Rant: The Tea Party and this particular presidential election

A couple of days on Facebook, my friend Guy R. Smith wrote a letter which really puts this election in perspective

This Particular Presidential Election for My Tea Party Compatriots

Do you know why I'm willing to vote for, as many people want to frame it, the lesser of two evils this November? Because the other real choice in this Presidential Pageant is truly evil to the core. The determining factor to me is this; I have no question of Mr. Romney's love and respect for our Country, our Culture and our Society. And I have no question of the Dalibama's hate and disdain for our Country, our Culture and our Society. Everything else only rates a far distant second in this particular Presidential Pageant.

The only way we are going to effect the kind of changes many Constitution loving and Libertarian leaning Americans espouse to is through the legislature not the President. We're making solid inroads in this endeavor in each election. My biggest disappointment in this election cycle so far is that We The People flushed $100 million+ down the figurative toilet chasing this silly Presidential Pageant decoy that the political establishment distracts us with every four years. Can you imagine what we could have done if those dollars had been invested in the campaigns of 100 real conservative House and Senate candidates?

But we're just 3 or 4 years into learning how this game is really played and we're learning fast. We'll make major changes in the operation of the GOP over the next couple of years because we're learning how that part works too. And we'll equal or exceed the Congressional progress we made in 2010 in the elections of 2014. Again because we'll have this election cycle under our belts and we'll adjust, improvise and improve between now and 2014. We didn't get here in a couple of election cycles and we won't back to where we need to be a couple of election cycles either. But we'll get back there a lot quicker than they got us here.

And after doing real research into who Mr. Romney is and his actual record, not the distortions put out in the primaries by Gingrich, Santorum, Perry and the rest of the GOP establishment candidates recruited by the Party to block Mr. Romney, as well as the distortions of the Dimocrats, I believe he has the right stuff to be a good, if not great President.

That's why voting for the, as they put it, "lesser of two evils" in this particular election is not a choice, it's the only choice, period.

What Guy had said is oh so true indeed. This election, the ONLY choice is to get rid of Obama. And as I had been saying in the past, the only one who has the ONLY ROAD to do it is Mitt Romney. Otherwise, there might not be any more elections to where we can make a difference. Keep in mind how Hitler came into power in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. He did it through manipulation and deceit. In 1990 I had said that Saddam Hussein was like Hitler when he invaded Kuwait and that if he were not stopped, he would invade Saudi Arabia and then the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and Northern Africa. Saddam in my mind was the military Hitler while right now Obama is the political Hitler, taking over the country using the political system for his gains. In 2008 he was elected on the promise of Hope and Change, and he is indeed doing that by changing America from a Capitalist society to a socialist one. If we do not stop him in November, then he will continue to fundamentally transform this country into a Socialist nation.

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