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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It’s the middle of the week

And there has been a lot happening. Check it out in The News

And ICYMI, here is The News from yesterday

And check out Instapundit and The Layfield Report for more news

It looks like Allen West (Former Republican Congressman from Florida’s 22nd District; lost in the 2012 election to Patrick Murphy when the district was changed to the 18th due to redistricting) is going to be joining PJ Media as their Director of Next Generation Programming (h/t Becca Lower)

It seems the networks felt that Obama’s last Presser of his first term was more important than The Price Is Right.

For the second time in as many Congresses, the Constitution was read on the House floor yesterday. Unfortunately, it was not without drama for the second time in as many Congresses. Last time someone shouted “Birther!” during the reading of the second article. This time, it was someone yelling about assault rifles and abortion. (h/t Twitchy)

h/t to Sarah Rumpf for her piece on Marco Rubio's Op-Ed in USA Today demanding an end to "Washington's Reckless Spending"

The Sandy Relief bill came up for a vote in the House yesterday, and it passed in spite of almost 75% of the House Republicans voting against it because of the pork stuffed into it.

h/t to the Barracuda Brigade for the entry on the Journal News (New York) reporters not taking what they dish out

While The Barracuda Brigade’s entry was good, I like The Other McCain’s headline on the same incident better

And just as I thought I have no more reasons why I am happy I am not living in Chicago any more, this beaut from The Other McCain gives me more reason

It seems that #TeamKimberlin has a vested interest in the Steubenville rape case (read mess). Hogewash wants to know: “What is Team Kimberlin doing in Steubenville?

h/t to The Other McCain for their piece on the non-facts in the Steubenville mess defaming the entire town

Lee Stranahan has many articles on the Steubenville mess. Two articles in particular are how everything we know about the Steubenville rape mess is wrong and a list of the news outlets talking about the Steubenville rape mess.

h/t to Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor for her piece on  Obama using the children as a photo-op when he announces his gun control plan

WWE Monday night Raw celebrated their 20th anniversary on the air Monday, ending with a brawl during The Rock Concert

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, January 26 as I interview AJ Reissig, author of Escape to Freedom (book one in the FreedomRedux series), on Red, Right, and Blue at 1:30 PM Eastern. 12:30 PM Central

And that is all the news for today. For more, check out my Twitter feed (@RickBulow1974) throughout the day and also check out my Rick Bulow, New Media page.

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