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Friday, March 11, 2005

Fourth Rant: Social Security Privatization

During President Bush's State of the Union address on February 2, 2005, he said that he will strengthen and save Social Security by creating private accounts. I am totally in favor of it for the simple reason that Social Security is heading in a downward spiral. The only people in opposition to it are the Democrats, who just recently said that they are willing to reform Social Security only if Bush removes private accounts from the equation, and the American Association of Retired People. Their objections to privatizing Social Security are totally unfounded. In the 1990's, Bill Clinton and other Democrats said that Social Security is in a crisis and needs to be saved, but did nothing to rectify the situation. Now that Bush, who does what he says he is going to do, has a plan to fix Social Security, the Democrats are ballistic. The Democrats only want to control Social Security, and they can't do so if people put some of their Social Security money in a private account. We need to contact our Senators and Congressmen and tell them to support the Bush plan to privatize Social Security.