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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Third Rant: Iraq and the War on Terror

Many people say that President Bush ignored the war on terror by going into Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein's regime. That is so far from the truth it is unbelievable. Many of the same people also say that Bush lied about Iraq holding Weapons of Mass Destruction. That is also far from the truth. Saddam had used WMD's on his own people dating back to 1987. In my opinion. the first president Bush should have told the combined military forces during Operation Desert Storm to keep going and not stop until Saddam was captured. If that had happened, I think the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001, would not have taken place. The current president Bush is doing a good job handling the war on terror, and will bring democracy to the Middle East as well as the rest of the terrorist-held world. We need to support him in this cause.

Second Rant: The Federal Tax System

Every year about this time, we see income tax companies like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt open more offices all over the nation looking to take all payroll and income taxes that the workers have made and put it in the pockets of the federal government. This is not only unfair but it is also wrong. The only way to prevent the fat cats in the government from getting their hands on the hard-earned money the people make is for Congress to do 2 things:

1. Propose a constitutional amendment to abolish the 16th amendment.
2. Have hearings on and vote to pass the Fair Tax Plan (H.R. 25) which Republican Congressman John Linder of Georgia had introduced.

The current Federal tax system is outdated and full of inaccuracies. We need to scrap it in favor of the Fair Tax. In order to have the Fair Tax enacted we as American citizens need to do 5 things:

1. Contact our Congressmen by phone, letter, or email, convincing them that the Fair Tax is a lot better than our current tax system.
2. Write letters to the editors of our local newspapers, extolling the virtues of the Fair Tax.
3. Contact as many talk radio shows as possible, telling the hosts about the Fair Tax and encouraging them to talk about it more.
4. Contact as many of our friends and neighbors as possible, telling them all that we had learned or are continuing to learn about the Fair Tax.
5. Continue to do research on the Fair Tax so we can have something to tell to those we contact.

Once the Fair Tax is enacted we won't continue to be stressed out during this time to make sure the Income Tax forms are mailed in by April 15th at midnight. Most importantly, we will get to keep every penny earned in our paycheck and not have the government reach into our pockets and take it for their own use.