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Saturday, May 19, 2012

40th Rant: Career Politicians

Another election season is in the works. If you are not seeing them already, you will be seeing commercials on TV or mailings in your email or through the United States Postal Service from your Representative wanting more money and/or your support for them in the upcoming election. Chances are said politician has been in office for 20 or 40 years and done nothing for your district. You are wondering why you continue to vote for that politician and had nothing to show for it. Is there someone out there who has YOUR best interests at heart?

Well there is. That organization is called GOOOH, which stands for Get Out Of Our House. It is very fitting as the organization intends to vote out all 435 members of the House of Representatives and replace them with citizen activist, citizen statesmen if you will. GOOOH has people in all 50 states and 435 Congressional Districts with that sole purpose. Each district has three rounds (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the district) of intense, competitive “citizen conventions” designed to pick a single candidate which is represented by GOOOH and also by the people of said conventions. Will they be successful? I do not know, but do know that it will be up to the people of that particular district if they are. The question to ask is: “are you happy with the same old career politicians who are working for the lobbyists, or do you want a citizen statesman looking out for your interest?”

This November, let us tell the career politicians to GOOOH!

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