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Thursday, October 27, 2011

21st Rant: Herman Cain, his path to victory, and the establishment

I have heard many “pundits” and “experts” say that in order for Herman Cain to win, he has to put boots on the ground and spend more time in the first four states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida or Nevada) because that is how TRUE candidates play the game. Well I am here to tell those “pundits and “experts” that it is not the case this election. With the advent of social media and how it is coming into play more now than in the 2008 election, it IS possible to run a different style of campaign. This election is all about going to the people, and have a grassroots team in those states while you listen to the residents of the other states.
Herman Cain is proving this by having people (even in other states) calling the residents of the first four or five states and then going from there while he is in one of the “obscure states” (though this election there ARE no obscure states as EVERY STATE is in play) and campaigning there. He is doing this because the voice of the people is more important than the voice of the “pundit” or “expert” and as such the PEOPLE will choose who our next candidate is!
Back in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s there was a religious crusade in my area of Fort Myers, and the theme used in this crusade was “if one person tells two people, and those two people each tell a person, and those four people each tell a person, then the word will grow.” That was based on Jesus Christ having twelve disciples and then those twelve going out to tell the people in a certain area. Soon the word spread like wildfire and Jesus had a multitude following him. Herman Cain's campaign is the same way. He started out with a small core group of people but in time he grew to 140,000+ followers on Twitter, 300,000+ (or so) people liking his Facebook page, and so many others telling their neighbors by word of mouth.
Not many people had seen a campaign being run like this, so the “pundits” and the “experts” say that this is not how it should be run because it is not traditional. Well who decides what is and is not traditional? After all, what might be traditional to one person might not be to another. Herman Cain does what he does because it works FOR HIM and is traditional FOR HIM. He has seen the “traditional” playbook the establishment has in mind and just tosses it right out the window because he is a candidate of the people, not of the traditional establishment, as Mark Block so eloquently points out in the following video:

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Herman Cain is smoking the competition because he is doing what HE feels is right, and it is resonating with the people!