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Thursday, November 07, 2013

78th Rant: The Third Party Candidates and the Ruination of Another Election

Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor GETS IT

Democrat Terry McAuliffe was elected Virginia’s governor by a margin of 48% to 46% (1,066,149 to 1,010,929) over Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia’s conservative attorney general. And while Virginia has historically been a conservative-leaning ‘swing state’…a state that backed every Republican presidential candidate from Richard Nixon through George W. Bush and in 2009 elected a Republican governor by 59% to 41%…the entrance of ‘supposed’ Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis into the race spoiled the election for Cuccinelli, who would have won as most of Sarvis’ 6.6% of the vote would have been added to his total (145,762 in actual numbers).

McAuliffe was able to win basically because he ran a highly financed negative campaign (outspending Cuccinelli by over 15+million dollars). By saying over and over ad-nauseum that Cuccinelli was a social conservative who was anti-woman because he vehemently opposed abortion, McAuiffe was able to garner the women’s vote by a 51-42 margin. And by also constantly repeating that Cucchinelli refused to admit that it was the Republicans who were to blame for the recent government shutdown, McAufliffe was able to play to the heavily populated Northern Virginia area, where many work for the government or for government contractors.

But truth be told it was both ‘anything but Libertarian’ Robert Sarvis and a lack of support… including the all important and much needed financial support…by his own Republican Party that cost Cuchinelli the election. Using tactics more Democratic than Libertarian, Sarvis, kept demeaning Cuccinelli’s social issue positions instead of focusing on the Libertarian agenda of small government and individual liberties, leading many to rightfully believe he was ‘planted’ in the race by the Democrats who knew the election was NOT a sure deal after the ObamaCare website and insurance policy cancellation fiascoes.
In fact, software billionaire Joe Liemandt, a Democratic Party benefactor and Obama campaign bundler, helped pay professional petition circulators to get Robert Sarvis on the ballot as the Libertarian candidate for NO other purpose than to split and syphon off the Republican vote…split and cause friction between the old guard Republican establishment base and the new true conservative Republican grassroots movement...AKA TEA Party Republicans.

And after proving just how successful base splitting was in Virginia with the insertion of unknown Sarvis into the governor’s race, come 2014 and 2016 this base splitting might be the ultimate Democratic strategy they will use anytime a race seems a bit too close for comfort so listen up people…NO third party candidate must be allowed to split the vote ever again…they simply cannot win so voting for a third party candidate is an actual wasted vote or worse yet…a vote for the Democratic opponent. ...

So like I said in the beginning we win some…we lose some…but if we are to take our country back we must start winning more than we lose…and we must do it by supporting TEA Party Republicans over old guard establishment Republicans who are more RINO than true conservatives…and we must turn our backs on all third party candidates, period…and I do mean…period.

Read the whole thing. What Diane had said is so true. Third Party Candidates only serve to divide the vote and cause panic and mayhem. In fact, I had even railed on the third party in my own editorial during the post-election edition of my talk show Red, Right, and Blue right after the 2012 Presidential Election.

Now, as far as who to blame for Romney's loss Tuesday which evidently led to the death of America, I think we ought to lay the blame on the three groups that deserve it. (WARNING: graphic language ahead)

1.) The Occupy movement: Yes I know they are not around in as full of a force as they were this time last year, but they were the major lynchpin in the downfall of America.
2.) The third party HACKS: If it were not for the third party candidates like Virgil Goode, Roseanne Barr, Jill Stein and more importantly Gary FUCKING Johnson I think Mitt Romney would have won the election. Here in Florida, Romney is losing (as the count is still going on) by 64,185 votes. Had the third party candidates (who combined had 68,576 votes with Gary Johnson grabbing 44,418 votes) voted for Romney, then he would have won Florida outright. Hell, I think it would have been the same in the other states as well.

3.) The voting electorate as a whole. In 2009 a video had first been floated about where people who had voted for Obama (who ranged in ages from 18 - 80) were asked simple, basic questions about who was in charge of our nation, who Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were, and other questions about politics that a 5th fucking grader should know, and they had no motherfucking clue on ANY of them! Take a look at this video ( is the link to the 10 minute video) and you will see what I mean.

I know there are others who deserve it as well, but these three groups I mentioned deserve the brunt of it and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. When I say this, I do not mean prosecuted in an actual court but rather in the court of public opinion, where it rightfully belongs.

Read the entire editorial. It would do us good to remember that when it comes down to the GENERAL election to choose ONLY one of the two who actually matter. Why? Because as is so expertly mentioned in a song by Greg X. Volz, there is no room in the middle.

I always bring this up, and I know many are sick of hearing it, but it bears repeating over and over again. As Andrew Breitbart had said at CPAC back in February of 2012, “If you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with that candidate (in this case Romney), more than shame on you. You’re on the other side.”

Andrew Breitbart telling it like it is #WAR

As the last clip shows, are you with us Patriots and REAL AMERICANS or are you on the other side?

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