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Thursday, April 15, 2010

19th Rant: The Federal Tax System (Part 3)


The above cartoon was posted in my local newspaper by a local cartoonist on April 14, 2010. That is spot on as many feel that way when filling out the tax forms that the government says we are required to do. The Tea Party has it right when they say we are taxed too much, and the only solution to this is to scrap the IRS and the Income Tax and implement the Fair Tax. I had posted a few things on the Fair Tax in earlier rants ( and, but it needs to be said again. We need to implement the Fair Tax soon and especially with the economy the way it is, because we have lost many jobs and also money overseas. There is over $12 TRILLION of our money invested in offshore banking centers. It is time we bring that money back to the US to be spent.