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Monday, November 19, 2012

Just when you thought you had seen everything….

Just when you thought you had left no stone unturned, you missed The News.

And as if that was not enough, here comes more from my good friend Tony Katz over at All Patriots Media.

Here is an odd moment stemming from Superstorm Sandy. Two pelicans leaving on a jet plane back to Florida. (possible Rule 5 story, or do they have to be about hot babes?)

For those of you who support the troops, here is a project I am involved in. Go to to find out what you can do.

And it looks like Brett Kimberlin (aka The Speedway Bomber) is losing in the court of judicial opinion as well as in the court of public opinion, as is more recently evidenced here: Default Motions Filed Against #NealRauhauser and #RonBrynaert

Be sure to tune in to “Soldiers of Patriotism with Michael B. Smith and `Uncle’ Bing Fischer” this Sunday at 4 PM Eastern, 3 PM Central. On the show this week will be the one and only Bill Finlay of “Wild Bill For America” fame. You watched his videos on YouTube. Now get a chance to meet the man up close and personal. Here is a plug for the show that I did on Tout.

And I have to give mad props to Becca Lower of “Lower The Boom” for this new venture from Lee Stranahan.

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