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Monday, December 05, 2011

23rd Rant: An Open Letter to America

Our Fellow Americans,
We are writing to you as fellow citizens of this great country, The United States of America. We believe that the direction this country is heading is way off course from what was established by our forefathers and from where we ought to be.
We have taken for granted too long our liberties and our rights and now they are under assault. Through untruths and allegations without basis in fact Mr. Herman Cain was forced to suspend his campaign in order to stop the media frenzy, focus on his family and clear his name.
We the grassroots supporters of Herman Cain believe that this type of character assassination will continue unless we the people send a message to the establishment. In this case we feel a vote for Herman Cain in the caucuses or primaries will send that message. We urge you to consider standing with us on caucus day and let the establishment know that we “the people” will choose our own candidates for elective office.
For more information please check out or listen in on Friday evening at 8pmCST to FoggybottomAl on Cain Nation
Sincerely and Thoughtfully
Concerned Citizens for Cain

These words were written by a good friend and fellow Herman Cain Supporter Brenda Ward. who like many that support Herman Cain is disgusted that he had to drop out over baseless allegations. Like Herman himself said in a few interviews, “They cannot attack me on my policies so they attack me on my character.”

This Open Letter to America is our way to let people know that we will not stand for it any longer and we WILL be heard, even if we have to write Herman Cain in when we vote in the caucuses and primaries!