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Wednesday, December 26, 2012



The end of the year means there will be a ton of radio and TV shows doing end of year (commonly known as year in review or countdown) shows. Things will be no different this year There are two networks with WONDERFUL year in review shows

  • Starting Friday night, Own The Narrative will host Part 1 of a 2-part year in review show hosted by Titan92 at 11 PM Eastern, going through the year from January to June.
  • Then on Saturday afternoon, Red, Right, and Blue will host their own Year in Review show at 1:30 PM Eastern.
  • On Sunday, Soldiers of Patriotism will have a year in review show at 4 PM Eastern with the hosts of Conservative Nation Radio discussing what they had done in 2012 and where they will go in 2013.
  • Then later that night Own The Narrative will be back on the air with Part 2 of the year in review hosted by Titan92 at 11 PM Eastern, going from July to December.
It all leads up to New Year’s Eve and the ball dropping in Times Square at midnight Monday night. Hope all can tune in and enjoy the shows. These are shows that you do not want to miss live. In the event you do miss them, you can always catch the podcasts on the Conservative Nation Radio and the Own The Narrative sites.
Conservative Nation Radio ( is home to the following wonderful shows:
Women Patriots 9 PM Eastern on Tuesdays
The Catholic Warrior 7 PM Eastern on Wednesdays
Nobamanation 8 PM Eastern on Thursdays;
Things Not Seen 12 PM Eastern on Fridays;
Red, Right, and Blue 1:30 PM Eastern on Saturdays
Soldiers of Patriotism 4 PM Eastern on Sundays
Own The Narrative ( is home to the following wonderful shows:
Open Forum at 11 PM Eastern on various days
PWN the Narrative 11 PM Eastern every other Sunday
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