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Monday, June 24, 2013

It’s a Manic Monday

And here is The News to keep you up to date

Also, check out The Layfield Report, Breitbart, Drudge, and InstaPundit for more news

Robert Stacy McCain + no caffeine = headlines on a tangent

h/t to Robert Stacy McCain for publishing the truth about the #FreeKate crowd

I have heard of Crony Capitalism before, but never heard of Crony Journalism

There is a little kerfuffle about the Comprehensive Immigration Bill, and it seems that Ted Cruz is making a desperate, last-minute push to derail it’s passage in the Senate

The Other McCain is right. Real life is NOT a reality TV audition 

The Wombat Socho tells us to greet his little friends with this weeks version of the FMJRA version 2.0

In addition to The Other McCain, there is news posted upon by bloggers elsewhere

Good news for those of you who miss the Twinkie from Hostess. According to the Bluegrass Pundit, they will be back on the shelves July 15

The Bluegrass Pundit also tells us to keep an eye on The Supreme Court this week for rulings on four major cases

a large tip of the fedora to W.J.J. Hoge of Hogewash for his “Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?” and “Team Kimberlin” posts of the day

Also, credit goes to Mr. Hoge (W3JJH) for participating in the annual 2-day excursion called Field Day, sponsored by the American Radio Relay League. If you want to know what it is all about, here are the following entries:

Even while Mr. Hoge is relaxing and enjoying Field Day, he still takes the time to bring us the truth about a certain walrus/cabin boy

Mr. Hoge also has a good question for said walrus/cabin boy

h/t to Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor for her Op-ed today entitled The NSA leaks...a diversion like none ever before

Diane also had an interesting Op-ed yesterday entitled A hero NOT quite but a traitor NOT

The gang over at Popehat has an article giving us a very intriguing look into the charges against Ed Snowden

If you are into conservative fiction, be sure to check out Writestream tomorrow as they will have a panel on it  hosted by DariaAnne DiGiovanni where her guests will be two conservative fiction authors and a Senior Editor of Liberty Island Media. (I had never her of her guests, but will be sure to listen on the archive later after I spend the day with mom)

While MatchCon did not air on Own The Narrative on Saturday night, there was a special episode of TB-TV that talked about the meaning of life, men v. women, and other interesting topics.

And that is all the news that is news for today. check out my articles over at ViralRead for more interesting news in the world of Tennis, Auto Racing, and Pro Wrestling. Also, if you have any questions, compliments, comments, complaints, rotten produce you want to toss at me, feel free to hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, email, or other form of contact address or social media you might have for me.

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