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Saturday, March 31, 2012

34th Rant: The 2012 Election and Talk of a Third Party (Part 2)

Well apparently it seems like many people either did not read my entry from last week or they did and just brushed it off as nonsense so let me reiterate this once more.


In other words, the ONLY TWO VIABLE CHOICES for this election are BARACK OBAMA AND THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE. If you sit at home or vote for anyone else then it is a throwaway vote for Obama. Many of us have our own reasons why we are not going to vote for any of the GOP candidates in the primaries, but if this does not go into a brokered convention, then our ONLY OTHER CHOICE is to come together as a party or a group and vote Obama out. The only one that can do that is the Republican nominee. No third party candidate (outside of Ross Perot in 1992) had gotten enough traction to make a dent in the election count, whether it is popular vote or electoral vote.

Allow me to reiterate two comments made my by Harriet Baldwin, my co-host, in the Patriot Zone

  • Let me be clear: This is the MOST important election in our lifetimes. We MUST get behind the nominee-whoever it may be. A vote for ANY "third party candidate" is a vote for The Fraud aka Barack Hussein Obama. You are either with America or against America. Voting for Third Party or sitting on your sorry azz is unaccepatable.
  • Get involved. Get informed. COMMUNICATE. This "Third Party" talk is FINE after 2012. Not now. Imagine what this America-hating Usurper will do as a Lame Duck? Give me a break. End of America.
  • IF we do not vote for the GOP nominee in November, then this WILL be our future during an Obama second term


    If you want this to happen, then go ahead and vote for Barack Obama or those fronts known as third party candidates this year. I am voting for the Republican nominee because I want to be able to sing this come November 7.

    The choicer is yours, either a tyrannical anti-American dictator to lead us into the fall of the Republic, or the chance to sing Goodbye to him in November.

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