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Thursday, January 24, 2013

We are Thundering toward the weekend

And what better way to keep up with the thunder than The News?

And in case ya missed it, here is The News from yesterday

“No Budget, No Pay” had passed the House, and is on the way to the Senate. Former Presidential Candidate and Senator Rick Santorum (Republican from Pennsylvania) praised the passage (h/t Patriot Voices)

Presidential Election 2016 is off and running early, thanks to the Democrat fawning over Hillary yesterday. Here are a couple of snippets

Robert Stacy McCain and Smitty over at The Other McCain had many good articles which I recommend in case you missed it

In case you missed it, Lee Stranahan made another appearance last night on TB-TV, the flagship show of Own The Narrative. If you missed the show, you can listen to it in it's entirety.

h/t to Becca Lower for her initial article on Viral Read: Joe Biden 2016?

Tune in tonight to Ballistic with Billie Cotter on Own The Narrative at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central. And don’t forget to tune in to Red, Right, and Blue on Saturday at 1:30 PM Eastern, 12:30 PM Central, as I interview AJ Reissig, author of the book Escape to Freedom, Book one in the FreedomRedux series. There will be a giveaway of 2 books on the show as well, so do tune in and be entertained.

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