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Saturday, January 12, 2013

71st Rant: An Apology to the Founding Fathers

My friend Laurin Moreno had written something on December 15, 2012, which really put things in perspective nowadays.

Dear Founding Fathers:
I’m sorry that after all we have been through as a nation that we cannot see when something is wrong under our very eyes.
I’m sorry that we have become so dependent on government instead of on ourselves.
I’m sorry that we care more for our enemies overseas than we do our allies.
I’m sorry that in times of tragedy that people will use their political beliefs to get their agendas across.
I’m sorry that we have been so arrogant as a Nation, thinking that nothing or no one will harm us.
I’m sorry that we are electing people to Office without vetting them.
I’m sorry that we have come to a point where free speech is considered a hate crime.
I’m sorry for those who think we are on the right track when we are coming so close to falling off a cliff, financially, economically, and morally.
I’m sorry that good is being called evil and that evil is being called good.
I’m sorry that people who live today do not realize the struggles you all went through to get yourselves from under the thumb of the British and make America what it is today.
I’m sorry that we have become a nation where we can sit back and watch someone die without even trying to help them.
I’m sorry that we are fast becoming the government from which you fought so hard to break away.
I’m sorry that we have a president who has been spitting on the Constitution ever since…ever since before he got into Office and after. In his opinion, the Constitution is flawed.
I’m sorry that after such tragedies like Fort Hood, Operation Fast and Furious, the oil spill in Florida, the theater shooting in Colorado, the death of Team SEAL Six, Benghazi, and just recently the shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut, that people still can’t see our President as someone who is only looking out for himself.
I’m sorry that we elected a president whose background includes: growing up around those who worshiped terrorism, racism, socialism, communism, Marxism, and Saul Alinsky. Add to that the fact that anyone who knew the president for what he really is and who tried to come forward and warn U.S. citizens, especially when he was running for President the first time, have been killed, or have disappeared.
I’m sorry we have a president who apologizes to other countries for America being America.
I’m sorry we have a president who supplies our enemies with OUR weapons.
I’m sorry we have a president who gets our men and women in uniform killed because he keeps bowing to our enemies and making their missions much more dangerous with ridiculous Rules of Engagement.
I’m sorry we have a president, a Senate, and a House of Representatives who continue to dig our country even deeper into debt while imposing disastrous regulations on small businesses while catering to big businesses, forcing banks to make "bad loans" in order to be ALLOWED to expand and in the process killing American jobs.
I’m sorry that we try to see the good in people—especially our elected officials-- when, day after day, year after year, they continue to intentionally hurt America and its people emotionally and physically.
I’m sorry that ignorance, stupidity, and gullibility is the new norm.
I’m sorry that the murdering of the unborn is just all right, when in the Declaration of Independence it clearly states that people have the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
I’m sorry that even America’s most patriotic people can’t even see the evil that pervades most of our elected officials, especially our current president who is the most evil, anti-America president that we have ever had.
I’m sorry that U.S. citizens take their rights-something that most countries do not have—for granted.
I’m sorry that, instead of telling people of certain religions and ethnic backgrounds to integrate, we have to treat them like they are someone special.
I’m sorry that hardworking, law-abiding citizens are having everything taken from them by those who do the opposite.
Most of all, I’m sorry that everything you all have fought and died for is being thrown away, daily. If all of you were here right now, you would probably look at us in disgust and think, ”If we knew America was going to be like this, we would not have ever broken away from Britain.”


No truer words have been spoken. She had summed up in 739 words what many have tried to say in in the past 20 years. America is suffering, and the Founders are probably spinning in their graves seeing the once beautiful country that they bled and died for being turned into the despotic cesspool that it is now, no thanks to Obama and his cronies. We need to do all that we can to take this country back. Everyone should ask themselves one question which I had spoken of in my most recent rant: Will you give up, or will you fight on?

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