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Saturday, December 10, 2011

24th rant: The BlameStream Media and the possibilities of a replacement media

The way the media is nowadays, tearing down a decent man in order to pump up either their anointed one (in the form of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC pumping up Obama) or their golden boy (in the form of Fox News pumping up Romney during the GOP primary now) is making many Americans, including myself, so upset that the only solution is to start another media outlet. Granted in 2005 there was the advent of the blogosphere as the new media which is all well and good, but now we might have to expand into broadcast and video media.

A good friend of mine, Jay Riley, had put a wonderful idea out there in a conversation on a site known as Team Cain. Here is what he said:


If I may interject this concept into the discussion of "The Media". Part of this is a technological shift no less important than the shift from pre and post radio, and pre and post TV. The new broadcast medium is Internet. As one friend puts it "the 50-something TV execs just don't get it" (I'm 51 btw, but was a teen computer wiz). They are correct. Ever notice how all the cable companies are feverishly trying to get you to bundle TV, Internet, and Phone?

Obama was successful in part because he was one of the first to tap into the broadcast modes used by a new generation of voters, Facebook and Twitter. That edge, coupled with financial collapse under the outgoing Republican candidate, allowed a guy who -- although he obviously is sincere in his beliefs -- does NOT get how to run the country. In academia he's always had money from the sky solve all problems and never had to earn that money running a business.

Steve Jobs, who DID understand where money came from, made his helping to invent some of the tools to create the new medium, and as a business man warned Obama that he is on the path to being a one term president (I think Steve, like myself, grew up in a liberal household, but because of his public position was not able to easily extract of the most courageous things Ronald Reagan did was switch from Democrat to Republican even after being in the public eye).

Happily Republicans like Herman Cain *do* get the new medium somewhat, as does Donald Trump, and most in the current GOP field. We have to avoid being like some of the spoiled folks who complain they don't have a job but expect someone else to fix it. WE have the power to create a live video feed via Internet (I recommend a Mac with Lion Server which includes a Quicktime server connected to a business Internet line with fast UPLOAD speed). Presto! Instant TV station.

Recap: ANY one of us can buy an iMac install Mac OS X Lion Server (which includes QuickTime streaming server), plug it into an Internet connection with good upload speed (they advertise download speeds -- eg my Time Warner Road Runner Turbo has 15Mbps download speed but only 1Mbps up), point a domain to it and presto, WE are our own media source. (you will need a business line, they don't allow servers on residential accounts due to load). WE must embrace this new technology not let THEM dictate

What he had said reminds me of what I had seen in an old episode of “V” from back in 1983. For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, it started out with a race of reptilian humanoids who had come to earth in the hopes of being the saviors of earth’s problems. Little do the humans know, these reptilian humanoids (also known as “Visitors”) had an ulterior motive of stripping the earth clean of resources and using humans for either food or cannon fodder. After the humans beat the Visitors, a year later the Visitors had come back bigger and stronger to where they controlled almost everything. The Visitors even controlled most of the major TV and radio outlets as they had in the apst but a small group of humans (and even some Visitors who rebelled against the authority of the Leader who were called the Fifth Column) were featured on a radio broadcast called “Freedom News Network” which was a pirate radio broadcast in New York meant to deliver unbiased media to the people, and kept the watchers up-to-date with the state of the conflict around the world; reporting on Resistance victories and defeats and awarding a "Medal of Valour" to a specific Resistance fighter once a week if they saved many human lives or killed many Visitors and fought incredibly bravely.

With that in mind, I think we as Conservatives and Americans who love the country but hate what the media is doing should take a page out of  start our own media network and spread the TRUTH about the issues and the corrupt politicians.WE are the resistance to the liberals, progressives, and the establishment. Let us take America back!