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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ninth Rant: The Terri Schiavo Issue (Part 4)

I have heard some conservative talk radio hosts compare killing Terri Schiavo, who is indeed in a persistent vegetative state as the doctors and others who looked at this case have said, to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime during the 1930's and 1940's. They are tottally off base saying such. The politicians should not have gotten involved in the situation as this is a private matter within the family. Terri had left this life 15 years ago and that should have been the end of it. She has earned her reward. The Nazis had eliminated those that THEY had determined would not benefit in their regime. They might have even kept some of those who had limited motor skills. Terri has no motor skills. Her cerebral cortex is liquified. She has the same look all the time. It is time to let nature take its course and let her die in peace. If you want the real reason why Terri should die, go to Neal's Nuze at or read Neal Boortz' column at

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  1. Firstly,I do agree with you that the politians shouldn't have gotten involved in Terri Schiavo's case.This is just a method to manipulate people through the media.However i do not quite agree that Terri should die.Though her husband and her parents have been fighting over whether Terri should die for nearly a decade,I find it utterly wrong that the judge consent to the removal of her feeding tube and let her die.Even though she is in a persistent vegetative state,people around her shouldnt have given up on her,especially her family.There should be hope that she would at least wake up and live one day.for example take the case of a woman who woke up from a 20yrs comma and lived life normally.there's still too much at risk here by removing her only life support.with technological advencements and medical improvements being done ,maybe they find a cure for Terri soon.