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Saturday, July 14, 2012

47th Rant: Wise words to live by



On July 9, 2012, in Patriots United Against Obama Propaganda on Facebook my good friend Diane Sori was upset at the actions of a few people and went off on a massive major rant.

OK is rant day, I am furious and some of the whining and negativity has given me a freakin' splitting headache! First, if I hear one more freakin' thing about ROMNEY being a Mormon I WILL scream! What the hell is wrong with a Mormon...and I am saying that rhetorically as we have a damn muzzie in the WH right now! I have NO problems with Mormons and any ultra religious bigot that does needs to get over themselves! A muzzie or a Mormon...that should be a NO brainer!

Second, ROMNEY is NOT a flip-flopper! Everyone is entitled to change their minds, to change their opinions as they learn more about an issue. Maybe he learned something he did NOT know before...NOBODY absolutely NOBODY is perfect and NO two people will agree on everything 100% of the time, so again get over your, 'but he changed his mind...he flipped' selves! I bet everyone of you has changed your minds at some time.

Third...this is NOT God's battle! This is OUR battle, it's OUR job to save OUR's NOT God's job to save us every time we make a mess of something. Ask God for guidance, ask God for strength, ask God for whatever you think might help you but then get off your knees and get out in the trenches and FIGHT! Remember Joshua at Jericho if need be but STOP sitting back and saying God will save us because he won't! We and only we will save us if we unite together and fight for OUR country.

Fourth...STOP the damn whining already that it's ROMNEY and NOT RS, HC, NG or whomever you's ROMNEY get over it! Help him do NOT work AGAINST him with all the bullsh*t about a brokered convention that Sarah will now be the nominee, or Newt, or whomever because it's MITT, period! The confirmed delegates are there, committed and MITT IS IT! Now either unite with him and help save our country or just SHUT the you-know-what up! UNITED WE STAND and WILL WIN...DIVIDED WE COULD LOOSE!

Fifth...NO crap about voting third party as a third party vote IS a vote for Obama. And NOT voting is NOT an option. This election is the most critical in our nation's history so either be part of the solution instead of adding to the problem!

And sixth, if I hear any more whining, but, but, but...or anything to that effect not only will I scream but I'll start hitting the delete button and I really don't want to do that. Wake up people...this is our last chance...our very last chance so let's get it right because 4 more years of Obama will be the end of our beloved country as we know her and you whiners, complainers, instigators, trouble-makers, bigots, and assorted other divisive driven sour grapers WILL be the cause of it!

UNITED WE WIN...DIVIDED WE's that simple!

Diane is right. We NEED to get behind Romney NOW or else we will LOSE this country. As Benjamin Franklin said at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” And as Andrew Breitbart said, “If you are not behind the nominee, then more than shame on you. You on the other side.”

Basically, the question you need to ask yourself come November is this: Do you stand FOR America, or are you AGAINST America? Choose you this day where you are. But as for me and my show, we stand FOR America.

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