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Saturday, October 06, 2012

56th Rant: The battle for America the next month (#WAR and #ThisMeansWAR)

In the Own Your Narrative at the Own The Narrative Network group yesterday, I came across this wonderful post by Bill LaRussa Jr. (aka Titan92 on Own The Narrative and @TonyKatzMane on Twitter):
OK, so quick thing (Alright, maybe not so quick - TWSS):
I was LITERALLY outraged when when I clicked on Drudge in the wee hrs of the morning to see that "Wow, only 114K jobs added in September. Maybe the Unemp rate even went up a tad to 8.2%." Then the outrage started when the # reported was an impossible 7.8%. "How absolutely fucking convenient" I howled to Texas or Busted on a skype call. Not even 2 g-damn days after Obama gets publicly humiliated in front of 70M people at debate, now he can change the subject for the weekend (and likely any momentum) while his sycophants in the media trump up this fraudulent (Yes, I said it, FRAUDULENT) stat to shepherd the 10-20% Idiocracy portion of the voting public.
Now, y'all that know me well enuf know that I was one of the earliest supporters of Mitt Romney during the primary season (around Oct 2011). I stood my ground against all comers & made my arguments - and pissed the shit out of a # of fellow conservatives/libertarians too. But to me it was worth it. Why? Not to sound hokey, but I believed in this guy when most conservatives - and almost all activist ones - did not. I believed then & I believe even more now after Wed debate that Mitt Romney was meant for us as President at this moment in time. I'll spare y'all the laundry list of reasons, but I still believe them. He's even grown as candidate since the primaries.
("Titan, will you get to the effing point already?" Okay, I will.) Having said all this, I had my biggest moment of doubt about Mitt's chances of victory minutes before I clicked offline & finally went to catch some zzzz. My crisis-of-confidence moment now barely a month away from election day, when the rubber finally meets the road. Thinking (and texting to 2 political buddies) "You know, maybe this country really cant handle this whole self-governing experiment. These Chicago political M-fers on the other side will just win no matter how they can win, truth & evidence be damned. Screw it all. Blah blah blah blah blah."
Then I read a story posted by one of my best amigas on the Internets, Karen Siegemund (who I hope I get to some day meet in the real world. Chat her up, she's good people - even for a Blue Stater :)). My random response to the story - about Obama team taking a woman @ Paul Ryan town hall out of context with her question & Paul's subsequent response (Yeah, imagine that!) was "#WAR, Karen." In that moment I was snapped back to reality of what's in front of us: 32 days to get this won & the way to combat these BS tactics by the Chicago Thuggery campaign is by channeling the Late Andrew Breitbart (God rest his soul.). Hell I have his damn pic as my freaking avatar. Give up? HELL NO. 32 days to go & everything we do to help turn out BH Obama should be with one Breitbart quote in mind: WAR! Concede no point to the other side. WAR! Don't even refer to BS manipulated statistics like the reported unemp rate, but state that there are over 24 million people out of work & millions of others working shitty part-time jobs because they have to. WAR! Accuse Mitt Romney of lying during the debate, while your own spokeslady Stephanie Cutter basically concedes Obama lied about the $5T Romney tax cut. WAR!
You see the point. I'm snapped back into it. Hope everyone will be in the foxhole with me for 32 more days, because the tough part hasn't even started yet.
What Titan said is oh so very true. We are 31 days away from the election, and we have not even gotten through the toughest part yet. In the words of John Paul Jones, we “have not yet begun to fight!” This election is WAY TOO IMPORTANT to just give up now. We must continue to press ahead if we must endure.
Titan had used the famous quote #WAR in his speech. Let me play the clip from CPAC in February 2012 where Andrew Breitbart spoke those famous words which I use as my motto for this election.
That is right ladies and gentlemen, if you are not behind Mitt Romney right now, Saturday October 6, then more than shame on you because you are on the other side. And to expand on Breitbart’s famous quote #WAR, I will go on to say that #ThisMeansWAR. And here is what I mean:
So for all of you who are voting for Barack Obama or any of the irrelevant third party candidates who want a fight, you got more than that. You just got a
Yes that is right you liberals, you Occupy sycophants, you third party HACKS, my declaration to you is #ThisMeansWAR!
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