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Thursday, December 06, 2012

And just like a boomerang…

The Other McCain comes back at ya with The News

And the Senate loses a Conservative

Did you know #BrettKimberlin had a house with a tunnel constructed in the 1970’s?

Here is W.J.J Hoge and Robert Stacy McCain with two articles on the First Amendment being destroyed by #BrettKimberlin on Tuesday

And a h/t to Becca Lower of Lowering the Boom on her transcription (Part 1 Part Two) of Robert Stacy McCain’s appearance on Rebecca Diserio's show on Fidelis Radio Network (and be sure to hit her tip jar!)

And here is the latest from The National Patriot on Socialism building a culture of stupidity

And here is the latest from The Patriot Factor on The "bad gun" killing people

A major h/t to Kyle Becker for his piece on Tax the Rich: A Critique

Matthew Boyle on only 16 Representatives needed to unseat Boehner as Speaker, according to the conservative group American Majority Action

And now the latest Hollywood starlet considering throwing her hat in the political ring in 2014. (liberal hottie. Does Rule 5 HAVE to be conservative hotties, or no?)

And on that note, that is all the news that is news for now. If you like what you read, let me know and also consider giving me a follow on Twitter (@RickBulow1974) for more news and other wonderful tweets. Also consider hitting my tip jar!

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