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Monday, December 10, 2012

It’s just a manic Monday

but The News never sleeps

A hearty thank you to Lee Stranahan for hosting Own The Narrative on Friday night. Read The Other McCain’s take on it.

Andrew Breitbart has been dead 9 months now, and yet people are still drinking the Hate-o-Rade on him

h/t to Donald Douglas (@AmPowerBlog) for his magnificent piece on one of #BrettKimberlin’s allies Bill Schmalfeldt

The House of Representatives has named it’s Chairmen and Ranking Members for the House Committees in the 113th Congress with many changes from the 112th Congress.

And Piers Morgan continues to get backlash over his comment on the 2nd Amendment

For those of you wrestling fans, TNA held it’s final Pay Per View of 2012 last year, Final Resolution. Click here to see who came out on top and who missed the brass ring.

And speaking of Wrestling, WWE had taped it’s Tribute to the Troops on Sunday. Click here for Spoilers of that event.

And how about this for a little Rule 5 hotness? Mickie James speaks with Diva Dirt about her legacy in wrestling, her music, and more!

And on that note, I will close out the news for now. Follow me on Twitter (@RickBulow1974) for some good tweets ranging anywhere from politics to wrestling and all venues in between. And if you like what you see, as my good friend Robert Stacy McCain always says, hit the freaking tip jar!

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