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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It’s a New Year…

And here is a new entry on The News from The Other McCain

And in speaking of The Other McCain, a tip of the hat on their coverage on The Fiscal Cliff with the following articles:

Speaking of The Fiscal Cliff, I had found a very interesting piece by Candi Goldman of Ponytail Patriots which puts it ALL in perspective

Here is a timeline of the Fiscal Cliff Showdown from The Hill.

I also have to give a tip of the hat to W.J.J. Hoge of Hogewash for his WONDERFUL series on the #BrettKimberlin issue. In case you missed it, here they are:

(*Here is a brief note on the Dread Pirate Kimberlin series. Hoge said that the Vaughey ruling, where he told Walker not to blog, tweet, smoke signal, or whatever about Kimberlin, earned Kimberlin the nomination for The Second Annual Popehat “Censorious Asshat of the Year” Poll. No big surprise in the Vaughey ruling earning Kimberlin the nomination OR the fact that Kimberlin ran away with the win in the poll, getting 42% of the votes and getting more votes than the next 4 nominees COMBINED.)

And the #BrettKimberlin parade continues with the latest article from the esteemed Mr. Hoge: Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Perjury

h/t to Becca Lower of Lowering The Boom for her article on “The REAL Person of the Year? Andrew Breitbart” (I had read the article she is referencing. It is fantastic, and the author in the piece deserves a follow or three on Twitter. I did.)

There are two pieces that make me glad I left Chicago in 1987 and only go back to visit:

Attention Sports Fans: Now you can get your Sports Fix on Breitbart Sports.

There are 4 more days until the Grand Opening of Conservative Nation Radio’s new website. Come check it out and be a part of history.

And that is all of the news that is news for today. I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s celebration. Stay tuned to this blog as there are other projects coming out in 2013 which is destined to blow the roof off. Basically, the liberals and other people will not know what hit them when I unleash a few projects from my crazed mind. Of course, none of these will get off the ground without help from you, so feel free to hit the tip jar and lend me a hand in getting these projects going.

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