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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Other McCain: Moonbat Edition

Normally I would not have a special section for The Other McCain blog entries, positing them in my news aggregate, but this is just too priceless, especially considering the many moonbats that Robert Stacy McCain has to contend with on a daily basis.


Mystery in #FreeKate Case: What Does Kaitlyn Hunt’s BFF Julia Gilmore Know?

Mama: #FreeKate Is Being Treated Like a Real Criminal at Indian River County Jail!

#FreeKate? Local Teen Says Kaitlyn Hunt Was ‘Bully … Calling Me an Ugly Dyke’

Reminder: #FreeKate’s Father ‘Pressured a Victim Not to File a Battery Charge’

Shocking: #FreeKate’s Father Conspires to Shut Down This Blog: ‘Media Blackout’

#FreeKate Comic Interlude

Shocking Claim: #FreeKate’s Mother Is ‘Cool Mom,’ in the Very Worst Way

Media Covers for #FreeKate While Her Supporters Attack the Victim’s Parents

More #FreeKate Arguments: Want to Let Heather Wirth-Dalager Babysit Your Kids?

Kaitlyn Hunt’s Lawyer, Having Failed Her Client, Now Scapegoats the Prosecution

UPDATE: Kaitlyn Hunt’s Bond Revoked; Evidence ‘Overwhelming,’ Judge Says

Kaitlyn Hunt Back in Jail

Is Obstruction of Justice, Like Dildo Sex With 14-Year-Olds, ‘Healthy and Normal’?

You’re Accused: ‘Vengeance, Spite, Fear, Denial, Sadness, Insecurity, Whatever’

Poster for #FreeKate Movie: Revealed!


Barrett Brown Inspires a Bizarre Campaign for Douchebag Rights

Barrett Brown’s Overblown Ego

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