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Saturday, November 16, 2013

It’s the Weekend

And here is The News to keep you up to date

Also, check out The Layfield Report, InstaPundit, Drudge, and Breitbart for more news

And in case you missed it, here is the news for Thursday (linkagery), Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday

Robert Stacy McCain says that liberals are better than us because they are liberals

There is an idiot liberal who thinks we need moral improvement because he sees a feel-good story

The Feminists fear the Republicans, more so when they have children

The Other McCain has a series on the never-ending #EPICFAIL known as ObamaCare. Read these

Alec Baldwin is back in the news again.This time ripping a TMZ Journalist a new one

The Pro-Abort crowd wants to keep good people off TV for no good reason

Lena Dunham is back in the news. This time with vagina politics

Richard Cohen is knee deep in ObamaCare, and he should take a long walk off an invisible pier

Speaking of Cohen, he is hurling things at plate glass windows

Max Blumenthal fanatics hate the truth. Take a read of these

There is a new sphere of politics now. Weather

It seems that karma is coming back to bite “Cabin Boy” Bill “The Walrus” Schmalfeldt in the ass

And speaking of The Walrus, he has a fantasy named after him

Barrett Brown is doing some writing from his new home, the pokey

Neal Rauhauser is messing with the wrong man, an army man named McCain

Obama is so delusional he thinks that Afghanistan is Benghazi

There is some sort of a Twitter event going on in the VA Attorney General’s race

Ignorance is not an option, but it does have a vote, and it can swing an election to the no talent rodeo clown

Robert Stacy McCain has another article devoted to an accused sex offender

And speaking of sex offenders, the #FreeKate crowd has reared its ugly head

Islamic terrorism is the fear that dare not speak its name

Brett Baier replied to Bill in Kentucky, and Smitty wrote about it

I think Planned Parenthood supports child rape if they obstruct investigation of such

If you are in Boston, The Sicilian Blog Mob will find you

When fighting Iran, remember that no deal is a good deal

f/t to Wombat Socho for his piece on the next generation of Veterans

Wombat Socho also has his usual  FMJRA and Rule 5 posts of the week

In addition to The Other McCain, there has been news from other parts of the blogosphere

f/t to Diane Sori of The Patriot Factor for her op-ed entitled Political band-aids do NOT a ‘fix’ make

Diane also wrote about the world taking a collective sigh of relief after the Iranian talks fail

Diane writes about Obama and the Democrats being unhappy which makes us happy

f/t to Craig Andresen of The National Patriot for his usual Friday Fume

W.J.J. Hoge of Hogewash! has the usual prevarication du jour, Are you pondering what I'm pondering, and Team Kimberlin posts of the day

Mr. Hoge also has a quote of the day

There is a #BillSchmalfeldt status report on Mr. Hoge’s site

Mr. Hoge also has a request for his readers

f/t to Becca Lower of Lowering the Boom for her article on ‘Fix’ Already Imploding: (Democrat) Washington State Insurance Commissioner Tells President Obama No

Becca also posts about how rare it is that John Boehner and Howard Dean being in agreement

f/t to Director Blue of American Power Blog for his article entitled The Obamacare implosion is real and it's spectacular!

Here is my playlist from last Sunday’s #WaveCave on Eclipse Radio. I will be on the air this Sunday at 4 PM Eastern if you want to tune in and give me a listen

And that is all the news that is news. Tune in to Red, Right, and Blue tomorrow at 1:30 PM Eastern on Not Politically Correct. It is the same conversation, just in a different place for now. Also follow the hashtag #RedRightBlue during the show, as I will be tweeting on there and your tweets will be read on the air. Also, feel free to help out a capitalist and hit the tip jar as the proceeds will go toward upgrading the blogs and the website as well as my message board.

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